Amiga 1200 eBay Restoration: Page 4



With the keys washed put the springs over each key and push the keys on squarely over each socket. Take extra care when replacing the clip on keys.

You should now have the following parts to replace back. I have replaced the 3.5" drive, with a 2.1gig 2.5" version. The pot contains all of the screws, and the rubber feat.

Slot the motherboard back into the case.

Replace the metal clip on the left hand side.

Screw the motherboard into the base.

Screw in the floppy drive to the motherboard and case.

Turn over and screw drive back into the base. Replace the floppy drive cables, noting which way they go.
Replace the LED unit into the lid of the case. Attach the HD to the holder with an elastic band, criss crossing it over to give tension. Gently insert the cable into the motherboard with the red pin 1 wire towards the top.
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