Amiga 500 PSU - PC case conversion : Page 4

At this stage I connected the unit up to my "Spares A1200" to make sure all was well. As you can see the A1200 powers up nicely.


Now you need to dismantle you ATX supply for the implant into the A500 case. each PSU is different just make sure that you are carefully not to brake anything when taking apart. Don't forget these are not meant to be muddled with!

This is the part I had hold of while plugging it in and forgetting to check the power was off! DONT DO IT! CHECK THE POWER!

Tape up the green wire and also the voltage switch if present.


Place the rear of the bottom case up against the power socket and draw the outline, marking the holes too. I sort of got the angle slightly off here,

With your favorite cutting tool and drill cut out the holes for the plugs and screws. Then countersink the holes.

It will then look like this. use the file to get the hole a good fit and shaped correctly.
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