Amiga 500 PSU - PC case conversion : Page 5

Once again I stuck the case in the dishwasher to remove grease and muck from cutting the case. The case should now look similar to above, with plenty of space to fit the ATX PSU

You are now ready to prime, sand and spray the case. I used creme-dela-creme enamel paint and then lacquered over the case. See the A1200 restoration for painting,

A small part of the seal was removed and then using the curved file, some case removed to allow for the wires to come out.


Once primed and sprayed the case should look like above. Now its time to pack it.

Screw the power socket in. You will need longer screws than the ones removed to secure it to the A500 case.

Pop the rest of the board in and locate the wires. If you kept the rubber on the Amiga power lead slide it down and insert, otherwise cut the bottom and split the rubber to allow you to insert the wire into the sleeve (This is what I did) Note all wires have been insulated against shorts.
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